50 Business Ideas For Kids

Written By Natalya Story @ My Kid Entrepreneur Academy

As Albert Einstein once said, "Play is the highest form of research," and what better way to stimulate your child's creativity than by encouraging them to start their own small business?

Business Ideas For Kids: My Kid Entpreneur

Here’re the 5 business ideas we recommend your kids start with:

1. Start with something simple…

  1. Lemonade Stand - easy and profitable

  2. Baked goods - Gluten free cookies are all the rage lately

  3. Dog treats - easy to make… easy to sell

  4. Dog toys - a simple hemp rope with sweet potato slices on top easily sell for $20 a pop

  5. Garage sale - you probably have a ton of stuff in your house you no longer need that kids can sell and get their first experience.

Once your kids have tried any of these, it's the perfect time to help them kick their imaginations into high gear!

Entrepreneurial Journey through publishing a book:

2. Up next, five business ideas that prove no idea is too wild to work!

1. Anonymously send a brick or potato? Justin and Robbie Holt came up with the idea to send anonymously brick or potato as a joke. Brothers Holt make thousands by doing it.

2. Rock as a Pet? Gary Dahl came ups with the ideas of selling rocks as a pet. In just a few months he sold millions of them!

3. Do you like Cat Drawings? Steve Gadlin sold thousands of stick figure cat drawings and signed a deal with Mark Cuban.

4. Wearable Blanket? Gary Clegg was a student at college when he created the first "Slanket"- blanket with sleeves. Over $350 million worth of Slankets were sold around the world.

5. Can't have candies because of the Sugar? Alina Morse didn't agree and when she was 9 years old she created LolliPops without Sugar. Now she is running the Fastest Growing Candy Company in America.

My Kid Entrepreneur: Entrepreneurship For Kids

3. Business Ideas For Book Lovers

1. Personalized Story Books: Create storybooks with personalized elements for each child.

2. Mystery Story Subscription Box: A subscription box with a new mystery story and accompanying clues every month.

3. Mobile Library: Start a mobile library service for neighborhoods without access to a public library.

4. Children's Book Review Blog: Kids can start a blog where they review their favorite books. They can make money through advertising, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, or by selling books directly from their site.

5. Storytelling Workshops: For kids who enjoy not only reading books but also sharing stories, organizing storytelling workshops for younger children can be a great way to express their passion.

6. Subscription Box Service: A curated monthly subscription box with a selected children's book and associated items (like bookmarks, character toys, or author information) can be an exciting business idea.

7. Book Trading Platform: Kids can create an online platform for trading books. This will allow them to share their favorite reads with others and get new books to read in return.

8. Illustrated Bookmark Business: Artistic kids could design and sell bookmarks featuring artwork inspired by their favorite books.

9. Themed Party Planning: For kids who enjoy the fantastical worlds found in books, planning and hosting book-themed parties (like a Harry Potter or Percy Jackson party) can be a fun and lucrative endeavor.

10. Audiobook Narrator: For kids who love to read out loud and can articulate clearly, narrating audiobooks for other children could be fun.

11. Graphic Novels: Create graphic novels with engaging stories and illustrations.

12. Children's E-book Publishing: Write and publish a series of e-books for kids.

13. Science Experiment Book: A book with fun and educational science experiments for kids.

14. Cultural Exploration Book Series: A book series exploring different cultures around the world.

15. Math Puzzle Book: Develop a book full of fun math puzzles.

16. Children's Cooking Guide: Write a cookbook with simple recipes for kids.

17. Biographies of Inspiring Figures for Kids: Simplify the stories of inspirational figures for a younger audience.

18. Nature Guide Book: Write a book about local plants and animals.

19. Historical Adventure Series: A series of adventure books based on historical events.

4. Business Ideas For Pet Lovers

1. Pet Pal Care Service: This is your chance to hang out with adorable pets and get paid for it! This business involves taking care of pets when their owners are away. Remember to include fun activities like fetch, gentle pet massages, and coziest nap times.

2. Treats and Eats Chef: Whip up delicious, nutritious, and pet-approved treats. You can experiment with flavors and shapes, and perhaps even start your own line of gourmet pet treats!

3. Pawsome Pet Parties: Who said parties are just for humans? Organize fun-filled pet parties complete with pet-friendly snacks, games, and maybe even a pet costume contest!

4. Puppy Parade Planner: Organize parades or pet shows where pets can strut their stuff. This could include fun activities like a best dressed competition, pet-owner lookalike contest, and fun agility challenges.

5. Critter Crafts: Create and sell handmade pet accessories like bows, bandanas, or custom pet tags. Get artistic and make each piece as unique as the pet who will wear it!

6. Pet Portrait Artist: If you have a flair for art, offering pet portrait services could be a great option. Capture the personality of pets in colorful drawings or paintings.

7. Furry Fashion Designer: Design and make trendy pet clothing items. These could range from simple sweaters to full-on fashion ensembles.

8. Pet Toy Tycoon: Start a business making and selling pet toys. You could make everything from rope toys for dogs to feather wands for cats.

9. Animal Whisperer Tutor: Do you have a knack for training pets? Offer your services as a pet tutor, teaching basic commands or tricks.

10. Aquarium Design Consultant: If you love fish, consider offering aquarium setup and maintenance services. You can help select the right fish, arrange aquatic plants and decor, and ensure everything is kept clean and healthy.

5. Business Ideas For Art Lovers

1. Pet Pal Care Service: This is your chance to hang out with adorable pets and get paid for it! This business involves taking care of pets when their owners are away. Remember to include fun activities like fetch, gentle pet massages, and coziest nap times.

2. Custom Art Creations: Unleash your inner artist and create beautiful pieces of art that can be sold online or at local markets. This could include paintings, drawings, sculptures, or mixed media pieces.

3. T-Shirt Designer: Turn your unique art into wearable masterpieces by designing and selling t-shirts. You could use print-on-demand services to help manage production and shipping.

4. Personalized Greeting Cards: Create bespoke, hand-painted greeting cards for every occasion. From birthdays to holidays, your unique cards can add a special touch to anyone's celebration.

5. Art Tutor: Share your passion for art by teaching other kids. You can organize art classes or workshops and teach various techniques or projects.

6. Muralist: Paint murals on interior or exterior walls. You could offer your services to paint children's rooms, classrooms, or even local businesses.

7. Art Supply Kit Creator: Compile and sell art kits complete with everything needed for a specific project or to explore a particular art medium. You can include instructions for a project as well, to help beginners get started.

8. Digital Art and Graphic Designer: If you're savvy with digital art tools, you can offer services as a digital artist or graphic designer. This can involve creating logos, banners, website graphics, or digital portraits.

9. Handmade Jewelry Maker: Design and create unique jewelry pieces. You can use beads, clay, wire, or recycled materials. Your unique creations could be the next big fashion statement!

10. Art Party Planner: Organize art-themed parties where guests can create their own masterpiece to take home. This could be painting, pottery, jewelry-making, or any other art form you love.

11. Art-Themed Sticker Designer: Create and sell your own line of art-themed stickers. These can be used to decorate laptops, notebooks, phone cases, and more.

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