How to Conquer Kidpreneurship: A-Z of Launching Your Business!

An Interactive Adventure for Kidpreneurs!

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Kidpreneus Love Money

I made $293 in less than 2hrs my first day...

Since then, I have loved entrepreneurship. I've tried selling lemonade, soap, flowers, and dog toys. Now, I am a three-time book author. What's next? I don't know, but it's going to be fun!

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What's Inside?

Years of business experience, creatively packaged into an entertaining and educational program for youthpreneurs.

  • Award-Winning Hard Cover Book

  • Workbook

  • Online Academy

  • Ask Gary Vee Chat Bot

  • Fun and Interactive Learning Experience

Sneak Peek into the Academy

That's what entrepreneurs do!

Our program is not just about learning; it's about experiencing.

Here, your child will explore business basics, create real-world projects, and learn from the best in the field.

  • Start-Up Basics: Understand the ABCs of starting a business, from ideation to execution.

  • Financial Literacy: Learn the importance of budgeting, saving, and investing money wisely.

  • Business Management: Acquire skills like project management, marketing, and sales.

  • Mentorship Program: Get guidance and advice from successful entrepreneurs.

Gary Vaynerchuk - American Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker the CEO and Co-founder of VaynerMedia

Ian Hart - An Entrepreneur, Author of "Healing Hacks" and Founder of EarthFit

Celebrating Young Success

We are incredibly proud of the many young entrepreneurs who got their start at My Kid Entrepreneur.

Leon T., An Entrepreneur, Author, and Co-Founder of "Happiness is a Choice".

Sky S., An Amazon Bestselling Author, Founder of Sticky Hockey, Entrepreneur, Podcaster

Sophia., An Entrepreneur, Author, and Founder of "EverCats".

Kidpreneurs Collaborating and Podcasting!

Robby H., An Artistpreneur.

Wyatt W.., An Entrepreneur, Illustrator and An Author.

What's Inside of the Academy?

The Ultimate Solution For Parents Who Want To Raise Entrepreneurs

  • My Kid Entrepreneur Book (Award Winner by Creative Child Magazine)

  • Workbook

  • SparkMind Journal🌟

  • 99 Creative Business Ideas🚀

  • Ready To Implement Business Plans

  • Ready To Sell Product

  • Podcast Invite🎙️


  • Interactive & Entertaining Modules

  • 40+ Proven Lessons

  • How to write and publish book

  • Artificial intelligence For Business

  • 🎉 Surprise Bonuses

PLUS Eligibility to Join The Club

Where young entrepreneurs collaborate to create businesses that are 'Shark Tank Ready'.

Book, Workbook + Fun, Engaging, Interactive lessons.

Kids will have the opportunity to create their own business, learn about marketing, sales, finance, product development, AI and so much more.

Parents Love ❤️ The Results Kids Get

Proud Dad of Kidpreneur and Author.

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My Kid Entrepreneur Academy is...

Your Child's Business School

Starting a business used to be overwhelming for kids.

What would normally take years of trial and error can now be done ✨ with actionable steps and strategies taught in our program! 🚀

With My Kid Entrepreneur Academy, your child will...

  • Learn the secrets and strategies from top entrepreneurs

  • Take actionable steps to create and launch their own business

  • Develop divergent thinking along with problem-solving, and decision-making

  • Gain confidence and leadership skills to succeed in life

My Kid Entrepreneur Academy is...

Your Child's Success Mindset

Our program is designed to cultivate a success mindset and empower kids to confidently navigate the world of business.💪

Students with be equipped with the tools and techniques to cultivate a positive attitude, 👧👦overcome challenges, and build the resilience needed to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams

Our program includes:

  • Mindset training

  • Exercises and activities to develop confidence, focus, and grit

  • Mentorship and support to help students stay on track and reach their goals

  • A community of like-minded young entrepreneurs to share ideas and collaborate with

My Kid Entrepreneur Academy is...

Your Child's First Real Business

We've created a comprehensive program that includes a proven book, workbook, and business plans that are ready to implement.


it's included Ready To Sell High Margin Product With Marketing plan for implementation.💡

With My Kid Entrepreneur Academy, you get:

  • A step-by-step marketing plan for Included Ready To Sell Product

  • Business plans that have been tested and proven to work

  • 99 business ideas to inspire and guide your child's entrepreneurial journey

  • All the tools your child needs to turn their dreams into reality, no matter their skill level or experience.

From The Authors of Award Winning Book

From The Authors of Award Winning Book

Everything Your Child Needs To Turn Their Dreams Into Reality.

Imagine the pride in your child's eyes when they make their first sale, or when they figure out a solution to a problem that stumped them.

Imagine the resilience they'll build, the confidence they'll gain, and the leadership skills they'll develop

Everything Your Child Needs To Turn Their Dreams Into Reality.

Skill level? Experience? No worries!

Even if your kiddo's business plan involves selling ice to Eskimos, we're here to help them refine it! 🐧

If it doesn't make you as happy as a squirrel 🐿️ with a nut in an empty forest, we'll refund every single penny. And we'll even throw in a virtual high five for giving it a go! 👋

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